Destination Booths

Step into our carefully curated booths, where each offers a distinct theme and collection.

Swan Creek Candle

Swan Creek Candles are renowned for their high-quality, hand-poured candles crafted with premium ingredients and attention to detail. These candles are known for their clean-burning soy wax, which is derived from American-grown soybeans, making them an eco-friendly choice.

Dixie Bell Mineral Chalk Paint

Dixie Belle Mineral Chalk Paint is a chalk-style paint known for its high-quality formulation and versatility in furniture and home decor projects. Unlike traditional paint, Dixie Belle Mineral Chalk Paint requires minimal prep work such as sanding or priming, making it a favorite among DIY enthusiasts and professional painters alike.

Bunkerhill Bee Farm

Locally grown honey and more!

Bookmark Alpacas

A variety of socks, hats, yarn, gloves, gifts, and toys made from the fleece of Alpacas and wool from sheep and goats.

With a fully stocked inventory 365 days a year, indulge in the pleasure of browsing unique items and uncovering hidden gems. At Maple Street Mall, we’re not just a shopping destination; we’re a haven for enthusiasts, history buffs, and anyone with an appreciation for the beauty of the past. Come wander through our treasures and embark on a journey through time with our destination booths as your guide.


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